Saturday, April 13, 2013

Fun with keiki paste!

Keiki paste is something that I've always wanted to mess around with, but only recently did I find some that I could actually afford (read:  it was cheap enough that I could play with it and if it didn't work, I hadn't invested a small fortune).  So about 3 weeks ago, I got my little tub in the mail and set out to mangle a few of my phal spikes.

Here's what happened!

I'm not sure if this will become a subspike of new flowers, or an actual keiki (apparently keiki paste can induce both).  I'm actually leaning towards keiki since subspikes on this particular phal start out a dark purple color, whereas this mystery nubbin is definitely a light green.  Either way, I'm just excited there's SOMETHING going on :)

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