Thursday, April 4, 2013

Enc. cordigera 'Hinomaru' and some squid weirdness

I apologize for the lack of updates.  Not only has there been a whole lot of nuthin going on, but with spring break, then easter break, then massive tests right after I get back to school, I've been kinda busy.

About the only thing to report now is the lone bloom on my new Enc. cordigera 'Hinomaru'.  It smells exactly like an air freshener I used to have...very strange.

And then there's this weirdness.  I noticed the other day that the flower on my squid (Psh. cochleata) was turning yellow, which usually means it's dying off.  The flowers usually last a bit longer than this, so it seemed a little too early.  But then I looked a little closer, particularly at the back of the flower.

The ovary is swollen, and it appears the column of the flower has closed.  All that means that it's likely been pollinated.  But there's nothing here to pollinate it with.  There's only one flower on this plant.  The only other cattleya I have blooming is the above encyclia, and it's pollinia hasn't been removed or disturbed in any way.  So my only guess is that this one self-pollinated.  Strange.  I have absolutely no need for a pod of these, so if the pod matures, I might donate it to Troy Meyer's species propagation lab.

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