Thursday, March 21, 2013

Repotting day

Had the day off (still on spring break, yay!) so I got crackin' on the massive crapton of orchid repotting I have to do.  I tackled the seedling/miniature high light shelf today.  I divided and repotted almost everything that needed it.  Because of this, I ended up with duplicates of several (including SIX of the Psh. fragrans, yikes), and that means they might be up for sale here in about a month.  Stay tuned if you're interested in any of them!

These all started out in a plain divided black nursery tray, but since I had to upgrade several plants to larger pots (and some to smaller too I guess), I had to do away with the tray and use these tubs instead.  Inner tub has drainage holes, outer tub doesn't, which lets water drain after watering, but not drip all over my shelves when I put them back.

Two of the Den. antennatum are still due for repots, but as they have mystery growths that might actually turn out to be spikes, I am leaving them the way they are for now.  Plus, I ran myself out of sphag.  I used something like a quarter of a brick today.

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