Thursday, March 21, 2013

African violet show haul!

I can't pass up a good AV show :)  I go to an orchid show every fall, and now I guess I go to the AV show in the spring.  But you can't just go to a show like this and leave empty handed, can you?  Nope, I think its against the rules or something.  But here's what I got last weekend at the show:

Ignore the orchid in the upper left corner (hehe!), I'll post pics of that one when it blooms soon.  But I got leaves of Mac's Tiamat, Rainbow's Quiet Riot, Funambule, and some NoID discards from the nursery's own AV bench (I'm horrible!).  I also got plants of Rob's Boolaroo and a couple NoID minatures.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with the leaves....all of my leaf sprouting locations are either full of orchids, or in use at the moment.  Gonna hafta do some rearranging, I guess.

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