Saturday, February 16, 2013

Now blooming: C. Purple Cascade and a thanksgiving cactus

Here's the Purple Cascade all opened up.  Had to tie the spike up with a piece of string because the buds/flowers were unusually large this time and they got a bit heavy.

And since my thanksgiving cactuses haven't bloomed for more than two years (they don't like Laramie much, I guess), I am celebrating the event this time by taking a picture of the first open bloom and learning how to do stuff to it in Photoshop...yay!
I had five different colors of tgiving cactuses at one point, but I killed one and tossed another one that struggled to live.  I'm down to three colors:  this pink and white, an orange, and a white.  The orange (Golden Dancer) will be the next one to open.

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