Friday, January 11, 2013

Ready to put a name to this one

Say hello to....Phal. Philisander!

If you don't know the backstory to this one, I picked it up last summer tagged as the species Phal. schilleriana.  All I knew about the species at the time was that it has variegated leaves, and this plant did, so I bought it.  Once I got it home and did a bit of googling, I found out the tag was completely wrong.  *sigh*  I made the nursery reimburse me for it, then set out to figure out just what it REALLY was when it bloomed.

Someone mentioned to me that the plant looked like their specimen of Phal. Rothschildiana (schilleriana x amabilis or aphrodite), but once the flowers opened, I didn't think it looked right to be that either.  Then, somebody else posted their flowers of Phal. Philisander (philippinensis x sanderiana), and BINGO!  Dead ringer.  So I can now say with about 90% certainty that this is a Philisander.  I thought for sure it would be a schillie hybrid (hence why it was tagged as a schillie), but it doesn't look like it is.  Who'da thought?

And just a reminder:  you can never truly identify an orchid without a nametag.  Hence why I say I'm 90% certain.  This one will always be a NoID with a question mark on its name :)

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