Saturday, January 5, 2013

Phal. Taipei Gold and Aca's Sizzle

My Phal. Taipei Gold opened its first bloom today.  It's got a lot more spots this time around than it's had before.

It's a very pretty pale yellow flower, but it just doesn't thrill me (I picked the plant up as a rescue, originally), not to mention the plant itself is HUGE HUGE HUGE, so this one will be for sale in the spring.  Prolly pretty cheap, too, ha!

And, I snapped a quick shot of one of my newest AV blooms, this one is Aca's Sizzle.  Picked this one up last spring as a set of leaves.  I have two plants and my mom has one.  This is the first of the three to bloom.  Semidouble red flower on a crown-variegated plant.

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