Wednesday, July 31, 2013

In spike: Phal. bellina #1 and Neo. falcata

First up, one of my two Phal. bellina (this is the largest of the two, so it is by default called #1).  Yet another of my $4 Oak Hill seedlings that is finally maturing.  This one put out a spike last summer (you can see it below the one with the arrow), but it stalled for some reason and never got any bigger than this.  This year's spike is going much more according to plan:

Next is my Neo. (I refuse to call it Vanda) falcata.  Never thought I'd be able to bloom this.  Picked this and a Neostylis up last year at the spring show, figuring I would kill it like I have other small vandaceous plants in the past.  After blooming last year (in spike when I bought it), it put out what I thought would become a new fan...3 or 4 spotted pointy growths in a cluster; looked just like a tiny new fan emerging.  It stopped growing, so I gave up on it.  Then, a couple weeks ago, I looked the plant over and saw the "new fan" was growing again....yay!  Except it turned into a bloom spike instead!  It's now got a second "new fan/spike" just peeking out of the opposite side of the plant...I guess we'll have to wait and see what it turns into!

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