Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Now blooming: Rlc. Samantha Duncan 'Paradise' and pink NoID Dendrobium

Digital cameras have such a hard time with the color red.  This flower is no exception.  Believe me when I say the true color is actually a darker, velvety red, rather than this pinkish photo.  It wasn't a very good bloom this time around either, so I didn't bother setting up the "studio" and taking good pics with my SLR.  The flowers (there was a second, but it has died already) were very cupped this time, possibly due to being so close together when opening.  But still an amazing color.  I love this flower :)

And here's the no-name pink Dendrobium.  Not bad for a cheap sale-rack plant.  It's happy and bloomy so I keep it around.

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