Sunday, June 23, 2013

In bud: Rlc. Satoru Toshima 'Lake View'

Been waiting all year for this one :)

Last year when this one bloomed, there was only one single flower, but it was SEVEN INCHES ACROSS.  It was absolutely massive.  I will always have a soft spot in my heart for these big huge floofy cattleyas, even though I don't have the room to grow the really big ones.  This is the largest orchid I have, and it's bordering on getting too big.  But you can't argue with 7-inch flowers.

There are two sheaths with 2 buds each.  Getting pics of the flowers might end up being quite a challenge, as both sheaths are on the same side of the plant and face each other.  We'll have to see how they grow, but I'm pretty sure decent pics will be out of the question.  Oh well.  And with 4 buds coming in, I doubt I'll see 7-inch flowers this time either.  More flowers = smaller.

Nothing wrong with the color balance on your monitor, either.  The leaves of new growths on this plant come in very very very red (flash made it a bit pink).  The inside of the sheath was a pale yellow, while the outside was the same red color as the leaves.  The only green here was on the developing buds :)

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