Sunday, March 3, 2013

Spring has sprung: version 2.0

So I was thinking to myself the other's getting close to time for my faithful spring-bloomer orchid Maxillaria tenuifolia to be doin its thing.  I hadn't noticed buds on it the last time I checked, so I was afraid it was gonna skip a year.

Lo and behold, this week's watering day came around...

Hooray!  Now what's really strange:  I divided my plant last summer in an effort to keep it from getting so huge and top-heavy.  It's now in 3 pieces.  The two SMALL pieces I cut off are the ones with buds, while the main plant doesn't have any.  It's definitely the larger and healthier of the three pieces.  Figure that one out for me.

"Everybody" says this orchid smells like coconut.  I'm not one of the 'everybody' I guess.  It certainly doesn't smell anything like coconut to me.  I'm beginning to think my sniffer doesn't work the same as everyone else's.

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