Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two new first-bloom species!

I'm very excited....I've got several of my Phal. species blooming or in spike for the first time this year.  These two are the first to bloom out, and they're both first-time-bloom seedlings.

First, Phal. equestris:
I forgot to take a size comparison pic, but this flower isn't much bigger than a dime.  I got this one last spring as a large seedling.  Not bad for a first blooming, but hopefully the flowers will flatten out a bit with subsequent cycles.  Super cute little thing.

Next, Phal. stuartiana
One of the reasons I love this species so much is the lower/bottom sepals and their color split right down the middle.  Half is solid white, half is spotty.  I think it's a pretty neat effect.  I got this one almost 2 years ago as a little baby $4 seedling from Oak Hill Gardens.  It's still not a very big plant compared to the sizes of most adult stuartianas I've seen, but apparently big enough to bloom!  It originally had 3 buds on the spike as it grew, but two buds blasted along the way, leaving me with just this one flower.  But it's huge in comparison to the plant size, so I'm happy.  Hoping for a better shape next time around.

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