Monday, January 14, 2013

Because I didn't have enough AV babies already...

I promised baby AVs to a bunch of people in my pharmacy class last fall, with the intention of getting the leaves all cut and potted up over winter break.

Well here it is, the last day of break, and I'm JUST NOW getting it done.  Yay procrastination.

This is why you should repot your AVs once in a while :)  This is the very first AV I ever had (well, half of it anyway).  My mom gave it to me forever was at least 10 years ago.  Anyway, it had two crowns that grew on such long necks (as shown here!) that the leaves faced away from each other at 90 degree angles.  It had never been was still in the pot she gave it to me in.  I cut off one half last summer and repotted it.  It's big, fat, healthy, and blooming steadily now.  I used this half to make leaf cuttings.

Oh no!  Leaf carnage :)  All cut up and ready to be potted.

Here's everybody potted up in their seed-starting box.  The NoID pink leaves are in the back, the purple and white (Optimara Chico) leaves are in the front.

And finally, the seed-starting box in its new home with a clampy light.  With any luck, I should have plenty of sprouts in 3 months or so.

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